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August News-Shot

16/08/2012 in News

The summer is flying by!  There have been lots of reported sightings of nyckelharpas through the country, but there are some best places to spot them:

Monday 20th August
The Fleece Pub, Whitby, 10am, nyckelharpa come and have a go workshop

Sat/Sun 15th - 16th September
The 2nd National Meet in Oxford, see website for details

Fri-Sun 2nd - 4th November
Teaching Weekend at Halsway Manor, see website for details.

Do you have an event or news you'd like to share?
Get in touch via the contact page and we'll add it to the news shot!

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June News-shot

11/06/2012 in News

News in for June:

The Concert Spot

The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments has just recorded their first CD, 'The Ministry of Angels'. The nyckelharpa features on a lot of the tracks, including a beautiful newly composed song, an arrangement of Corelli's, Folli,a some raucous representations of Playford Tunes and ancient songs long associated with Angels. There's also hurdy gurdy, guitars, harps (bray, celtic and baroque), a plethora of peculiar bass instruments, percussion and the beautiful voice of Clara Sanabras. We recorded in a peaceful, resonant (but not too resonant) church in Essex, aiming for the most natural sonic representation of our instruments. More details, plus an invitation to subscribe to the CD can be found on our website Next concert : Holmfirth Festival, 18th of June, 2012.

 Workshop Spot

A come and try it workshop run by Vicki in Ipswich, Suffolk on Saturday 16th June at the Steamboat Folk Weekend, 18:45 - 19:30.  Visit the website for more details.


Plans are under foot for a DIY  nyckelharpa gathering  in September in the Oxford area.  Details to be announced.

If you have anything to add or just want to say hello!  Get in touch!

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May News

17/05/2012 in News

Welcome to the May News-shot.

The UK Nyckelharpa Society website has been live for a little under two months and everything is shaping up. ūüôā ¬†We have makers, we have strings, we have workshops and meetings. ¬†A quick rundown of activity since the last news:

Pete has become a supplier for Prim strings, you no longer have to try to figure out who to get strings from.  Pete's your man.  (discount for society members) contact: pnrigg{a} (replace the {a} with @ )

Jeff's website is going from strength to strength.

We had the first full weekend meeting down in Essex with 9 players all meeting for a weekend in a lovely little pub.  Followed swiftly by a northern meet up in Sheffield.  Time to plan the next  meeting!

There are now more and more sessions with nyckelharpas, check out the sessions section of the site.  There are always 4 spare to try at the 6S session.

The first nyckelharpa weekend at Halsway Manor is set up and ready to accept participants.  Again, nyckelharpas available to borrow for the weekend.

We're in the middle of putting together our first proper newsletter, so watch this space!

If you have anything to add or just want to say hello!  Get in touch!


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Welcome to the new site!

02/04/2012 in News

Welcome to the brand new UK Nyckelharpa Society website.  It's free to become a member (until we get some costs and then we'll re-evaluate).