Instrument Makers:
Most of the instruments are currently made in Sweden, so here is a list. If you're interested in any of these harpas and would like a hand getting in touch with them, drop us a line and we'll be happy to make contact and help out with any matters Swedish language-wise. ūüôā

Olle Plahn - based in Falun in Sweden
Enar Magnusson - based in Sweden
Sören Åhker
- based in Sweden
Martin Westermark
- based in Sweden
Esbjörn Hogmark
- based in Sweden
Bo Nilsson - based in Sweden
Kjell Lundvall - based in Sweden
Peder Källman - based in Sweden

Jean-Claude Condi - based in France
Johannes Mayr - based in Germany
Annette Osann - based in France
Nikolaj Marks - based in The Netherlands

Leif Alpsjö also supplies instruments from various makers

British Makers
If you're a maker based in Britain - get in touch to be added to this list:

Alan Miller Guitars - based in Glastonbury. Mostly makes guitars.
Michael J. King - based in South Wales
Pete Rigg - based in Cumbria
Jeff Swann - based in West Sussex, also repairs and services.

You can buy Prim strings from the following UK stockists:
Brian Cohen
Pete Rigg -  (discount for society members)

Bows are really, really important. They make all the difference. We're looking into cheap bows at the moment, most makers will sell their instruments with a bow, so if you buy an instrument you'll have that choice.  The American Nyckelharpa Association have a good list of bow makers.
Jean-Claude Condi - sells very expensive but very good bows
Aurelie Georges - nyckelharpa bows not listed, but she does have a variety of nyckelharpa bows
Leif Alpsjö
 sells a variety of bows.
Olle Plahn  sells a good basic model.
Gewa Psaltery Bow - makes a very good basic bow
Incredibow make a specialist nyckelharpa bow

Pete Rigg sells cases from the UK
Leif Alpsjö
 sells cases from Sweden
Bag Luthiers sells cases from Spain
Jeff Swann sells cases from the UK

People wanting to make their own nyckelharpa:
Sören Åkher has recorded a DVD of how to make your own nyckelharpa.  Also available is a book of plans.

General UK based Luthiers:
Brian Cohen -  guitar maker and violin repairer

Note: this is just a page of links and the UK Nyckelharpa Society doesn't specifically endorse or recommend them.