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Added 20/3/17:

This is a chromatic instrument with cello tuning and 12 sympathetic strings. The low C is a drone string and the three row keyboard extends up to high e'.
I am a luthier and this is an instrument from my workshop. Normally I build hurdy-gurdies but recently I tried my hand at making this nyckelharpa.
The body and neck of the nyckelharpa are carved from willow with an ebony tailpiece and pegs. The bridge is from maple and the bas-relief strips either side of the keybox are rosewood. The wood used for these instruments is very pale and a stain was required. I used red as an original choice to contrast the ebony fittings. I realise that most people would probably prefer brown but please understand that the colour doesn't change the instrument's tonal characteristics.
This nyckelharpa was made for myself in 2015 but hasn't been used; it remains in excellent condition. I am selling it with a velvet lined hard case, a strap, a bow and also a tuning key (for the wooden pegs).
I live in France so please consider the shipping costs in addition to the cost of the instrument.
If you are interested or have any questions please feel free to contact me. Thank you.
Price:  1400€ or £1200
+33 517 426000